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Top of the range garden services at affordable prices. With over a decade in the gardening industry we know exactly what works. 


Nothing beats a lush green lawn in the summer. It’s hard to achieve but with our expertise you can’t go wrong.

Landscaping is no easy job, it can be back breaking and requires an eye for design. Luckily at Sydney Gardeners we can prove both.

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Sydney's local gardeners

If your gardens are deteriorating, if your soil is contaminated with chemicals, or if you need maintenance to spruce up your outdoor living areas, you can trust our gardeners in Sydney to provide top-notch services at affordable prices. Our team consists of professional and skilled gardeners who are trained to cater to the needs of all our customers.

We take immense pride in the quality of our gardening services and the respect with which we treat our customers. As a local gardening company, we have a deep understanding of landscaping and maintenance details. Our rates for gardening in Sydney are highly competitive, but the unparalleled quality and care you receive sets us apart from any competition.

We are passionate about quality, and there’s no greater satisfaction than witnessing a customer’s joy upon seeing their newly transformed garden. Our expertise in the gardening industry spans many years, and few can match our depth of knowledge and experience in landscaping and gardening.

  • Over 20 years on the gardening industry, we know it well.
  • Fast results, get your lawn done today.
  • Cheapest gardening prices in Sydney.
  • We are on call and sometimes can be only minutes away.
  • Emergencey gardening services
  • The best quality gardening services in Sydney

Expert garden maintenance

Garden maintenance is arguably the most important part of our services. It involves tree and hedge pruning, debris removal, and waste and rubbish disposal. Services also include lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, and pest removal both underground and above ground. 

Some tasks might require heavy labor, which most homeowners might not be able to handle. Our gardeners are all in excellent condition and can work up to ten hours a day to ensure your job is completed with speed and efficiency.

Affordable garden services in Sydney

Anyone with a garden and a budget is a friend of ours. We understand that everyone desires tidiness and healthy plants in their outdoor spaces. For this reason, we offer specialised horticultural garden services. Our work can be demanding, which is why we’ve tailor-made services for our most valued customers.

Why spend your weekends under the hot Sydney sun toiling in your garden when you can have a team of professional gardeners look after it for you? We offer competitive pricing, ensuring top-quality services without breaking the bank.

We're eco friendly gardeners

Everyone who works with us dons green for a reason; at our core, we’re all green. That’s why we ensure that any waste your garden or landscapes produce will be recycled correctly, minimising its impact on the environment. When you hire our gardeners in Sydney, you can be confident that we keep the environment at the forefront of our operations. We take the recycling and proper disposal of gardening waste very seriously. Our aim is to contribute to a more sustainable Sydney.

Do visit our blog to explore a variety of sustainable practices you can adopt in both your home and garden. Whether you’ve refurbished your home, are a property developer, or are enhancing your business property, first impressions count. The first aspect anyone notices is your lawn and garden. Ensuring it’s well-maintained and looks lush is crucial in shaping others’ perceptions of you. We offer a comprehensive range of gardening services, so you needn’t be concerned about which is best for you.

We’ll assess the issue at hand and determine the optimal solution, ensuring efficiency and the highest quality. Why exhaust yourself under the fierce Sydney sun during your weekends when you can have a team of professional gardeners at your service? Furthermore, our prices are reasonable, ensuring you get value without straining your finances.

We do garden services better in Sydney

If you book with us, you receive qualified, highly experienced gardeners to cater to your every need. What can we offer you? At our disposal, we have a vast array of garden and lawn services. We boast an extensive portfolio of previous jobs and have a wealth of experience in Residential, Commercial, and Strata gardening services. Among the many options we offer are regular garden maintenance, lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, tree trimming, and landscaping.

Wherever you are located, we ensure that the gardeners working on your home and living areas are local. We recognise that our customers value contributing to the local economy and addressing local needs. Hence, our employees and franchisees are sourced locally from each area we service. Hiring locally is best, and we hope you develop a relationship with our gardeners. From a foundation of trust, we guarantee the highest quality in all things garden and lawn.

We provide comprehensive garden and landscaping services throughout all of Sydney for your home or business. Our offerings span residential gardening, commercial garden services, gardeners in Sydney, offices, retail locations, and strata management. Trusted to handle the rigorous demands of garden maintenance, we ensure all gardens are meticulously tidied, rubbish is removed, and we deliver top-notch landscaping.

Frquently asked questions

Many gardens always run late, do you?

Since customer satisfaction is our number one priority, our gardeners are never late and actually always early. Our team of dedicated receptionists ensure that everything is timed properly and nothing goes to chance. We love our gardens and can’t wait to dig into the next client’s patch of dirt. 

How much will a gardening job cost?

The cost of our jobs will vary greatly depending on the difficulty, the size and length of time it will take to be completed. If you’re thinking about an update to your property or a complete garden makeover. Our landscaping design team can help remodel your garden to your needs and give advice on landscape construction in and around the garden. Generally Maintenance is always the cheapest option while large landscaping jobs that may use large machinery will become more expensive.

Why do you need garden services?

It’s a good question and something everyone should ask themselves. If you’re a business owner making first impressions is vital and what opinions potential customers make will be vital to your success or failure. We speak with many building developers as well as strata managers. We’ve noticed maintaining clientele can be especially hard when gardens are dying and not properly maintained. As for residential homeowners, it’s a nice feeling knowing your house is the best looking on the block. No one knows what the inside is and they draw their entire conclusions from your front garden. That’s why it’s especially important you invest heavily in the front of your garden if you’re a business, strata manager or homeowner. 

What is the quality of your garden tools?

At Sydney gardeners we only ensure the best quality tools as purchasing power products can have a negative effect on your garden. Poorly maintained tools also mean our gardeners as well as yourself are at greater risk of injury. Did you know that blunt lawn mower blades can actually cause the grass to die. This is because the blunt blade actually pulls out the grass rather than slicing through it. This is just one of the reasons why we use high quality tools that are expertly maintained. 

Do you provide discounts to returning customers?

Our garden services are like none other and everyone who hires us becomes a customer for life. We do offer some discounts or coupons to loyal customers who continue to return to us for the garden and lawn maintenance. Simply ask about garden discounts to returning customers and we’ll sort you out. 

What additional services do you provide?

Excluding gardening lawn mowing and landscaping. We offer a variety of services from rubbish removal, land clearing, tree removal of any size. Gutter cleaning every lawn service you can think of. Plus horticulture expertise as well as basic carpentry and concreting services. We also offer pressure cleaning to give your driveway the same sparkle your garden will receive when you hire us as your gardeners in Sydney. 

How experienced are your gardening teams?

With a total 20 years of experience in the gardening industry, we maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and have acquired a variety of gardening awards for all the work we’ve provided in the industry. We haven’t had a job we couldn’t complete, not has any customer ever walked away feeling annoyed or frustrated. Customer satisfaction is so important in the gardening industry and our success proves that. 

Do you have necessary safety and insurance?

All our gardeners in Sydney have been thoroughly trained in the use of all garden machinery and tools. Your family’s and our employees safety is number one priority. In case of an accident every person under our job site is ensured. You can rest easy that all garden services with us are completely safe and you won’t be liable for any damages or injuries that potentially could happen. Our garden and landscaping services are of premium quality and we ensure nothing goes to chance. To be clear we’ve never had an accident on any jobs and we never intend to, this is a worry you won’t ever have to deal with.

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