Complete guide to lawn mowing in Sydney

Mowing seems like a very simple task but each time you run a lawnmower across your garden you pave the way for its success or failure. Mow your lawns in the correct way and you will get a healthy garden. Do one step wrong and you will ruin your whole garden. If you live in Sydney and own a lawn then you are at the right place because we are going to guide you through the whole process.

           The most common mistakes of lawn owners in Sydney are too frequent cutting of grass or cutting the grass too short. You should maintain your garden in such a way that it is healthy, thick, pleasing to eye and drought tolerant. All of this is possible if you follow the complete guide provided below:

Avoid scalping

Scalping is letting your grass grow to its full length and then cutting it too short in one single go. This can seriously damage your lawn because the roots of your grass are exposed and there is a high chance of roots getting permanently damaged. If you mow your lawn too low by cutting into the crown section of the grass, your grass becomes vulnerable to many diseases. A lawn that is scalped is prone to weed infestation as well. Turfs that are scalped are extremely weak and exposed. These exposed roots dry out too quickly and the grass dies. So, when you are planning to cut your grass next time, make sure to do a light trim.

Sharpen the blades of your lawnmower

Sharpening the blades of your lawnmower is the most important thing when cutting the grass of your lawn. If you mow your lawn with blades that are not sharp then there is a chance that cuts will be uneven and rough. This will result in openings for pests and many different diseases. A lawn that is cut with dull and rough blades has more chances of becoming discoloured at the tips because of loss of moisture. So, if you want your grass to stay fresh and healthy, make sure to sharpen your blades now and then.

The best time to mow your lawn

At what time should you cut the grass of your lawn? Does it matter if I cut my grass at any time?

The answer to the above questions is yes, it does matter and the best time to cut the grass of your lawn is around mid-morning in Sydney. This is because the grass at that time will be dry and there will be no dew or moisture. It is really important to cut your grass when it is completely dry because at that time the cuts are even. You should also not mow your lawn during a hot sunny day because at that time the lawn can be under stress because of extreme heat especially at a place like Sydney.

The time of mowing can vary from area to area and season to season but the general practice is to mow your lawn every second week of summer. In winter and autumn, every 2-5 weeks is enough and will produce good results. In spring, due to rainfall, time of cutting may vary and you will have to check it regularly.


The best lawn height

The optimal length of your grass depends on the type of grass in your lawn. However, as a rule of thumb, you should trim your lawn if it is looking untidy to you. You should be aiming to cut around 30% of the grass blade during each mowing session. If you cut shorter than that you might damage the roots.

If you own a couch grass then you should cut it around 25mm, Buffalo grass should be cut at around 50mm and Kikuyu grass should be kept at 45mm.


Don’t mow wet lawns

When you mow a wet lawn there is a high chance of spreading diseases. When the grass is wet there is a chance of presence of bacteria or fungi and if you cut the grass at that time, the grass will be exposed to them. This can result in long-term damage and there is a chance that you might lose your lawn. 

 A good tip is to let the grass dry before starting the mowing sessions. Along with this, you must clean the blades of your lawnmower each time. However, if you have decided that you have to cut your grass when it’s wet then make sure you are using extremely sharp and clean blades. This will help you prevent and minimize the damage.



Mowing your lawn as a lawn owner in Sydney is a very healthy activity and helps you manage your lawn for your friends and family gatherings. However, if you are planning to mow your lawn all on your own then you must follow all the safety measures. You should always wear protective gear which includes goggles and closed footwear. Apart from that, you should make sure to mow your lawn always on time.


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