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The ultimate guide to composting

Composting is vitally important for the success of any garden. In this guide we show you exactly how you can start your own compost and maximise the venefits it has for your garden. .

Ways to reuse plastic in your garden

Plastic is prevelent throughout
our lives and our gardens,
finding new ways to reuse plastic
can be fun and also good for the

How to get rid of insects in your garden

Insect pests are every gardener and home owners arch nemesis.
We show you the easiest ways to
keep your garden pest free.

Improving biodiversity in your garden

Attracting Australian wildlife
isn’t an easy task. Natural wildlife visitin

Ways to improve soil quality in your garden

Have you ever tried composting?
If not it’s a highly effective way
to recycle any green waste
from your kitchen.

A guide to lush green lawns

Lawn maintenance is never easy and we'll show you some of the
easiest ways to maintain a lawn in both hot summers and cold
winters. Few people ever achieve a lush green lawn and isn't an easy thing to achieve.

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