Gardening improving property value in Sydney

Finding new and easy ways to improve the value of your home is something everyone looks for. Renovations or extensions can be difficult and at times doesn’t feel like it brings much benefits. Your lawn and garden creates the first impression for your home and upgrading it can do wonders for your property value. In this article we’ll show how and why you should invest in a garden makeover to improve the property value of your home. 


Sydney’s property value is in a slump and no one’s sure how quickly it will bounce back. Any investor or newly seller will be looking for quick wins to bolster their margins and gardening is an inexpensive way to improve the overall look and aesthetic of any home. 


Invest in outdoor spaces

New home buyers in Sydney are becoming more fickle in what they choose to purchase. Large outdoor spaces that are well gardner and utilising proper landscaping expertise can make an awesome impression. A badly maintained garden gives the impression the home isn’t properly taken care of and the poor garden maintenance is only the tip of the iceberg. 


Outdoor areas that include patios and proper balconies make a home far more livable and ideal for any family. The garden adds to the aesthetic of the space and overall creates a better impression. More Sydney residents are seeing their gardens as outdoor living rooms rather than an outdoor area they occasionally visit. The old style of white picket fence and lush lawns are beginning to go stale as more people look for interactive gardens they can spend more of their time in. A large portion of the year in Sydney is made up of warm weather and is perfect for the new trend of gardens becoming outdoor living rooms. 


Improving a homes privacy

Physical features such as pools, kitchens and other extensions are all great ways to improve a home’s value in Sydney  but there are less tangible things that can really make new home buyers jump at a property. Using gardening and landscaping to create private areas separate from the outside world is something that is a unique selling point for any owner. Anyone who sees into your front and back yards, or directly into a home can turn off many potential buyers. Sydney Gardeners grow large hedges or hedged trees to maintain privacy and give the feeling of being separate from the outside world.


Invest in your lawn

Your lawn is a large area that makes the first impression for your home, A survey of real estate agents found that a well presented lawn can boost a home’s value by 20 percent. 

Recently a national survey found that lush green lawns can attract far more buyers to a given house. The study revealed it was so effective 93 percent of real estate agents recommended upgrading your home and garden in Sydney before you sell. Lush green lawns aren’t easy to achieve or maintain, it’s a great indicator that the house is being looked after and even been invested in. 


How much can a landscape garden actually add?

According to the expert John Harrris, quality landscape gardening can add up to 28% to a property’s value. If your Sydney home already possesses good garden landscapes bringing it up to a level of excellence can still have a large impact on the final price. In a global garden report, 78% of real estate agents stated that badly maintained gardens lowered the sale price of a home by 5 to 15 percent. The report states most gardens are deeply connected to a home’s overall appeal and quality gardening can have large influence over potential buyers. 


Wrapping it up if you’re considering putting your home up in Sydney’s market, consider the appeal of your property’s garden and landscapes and the effect it will have on the sale price. Trends are changing and more buyers are seeking appealing outdoor landscapes. 

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