How much does it cost to get your lawn mowed on the North Shore

Getting your lawn mowed on the north shore and how much that should cost you, when getting your lawn mowed, size is a significant factor. The average price for a lawn mow is $60 however areas on the North Shore such as St Ives and surrounding suburbs are known for having larger property sizes and therefore resulting in a higher price to mow a larger area. Gardening north shore is another good idea for lawn and garden services.

Lawn mowing

Having your lawn mowed is something we all want as it’s a choir that’s best not worrying about. Regarding pricing. The average gardener in the north shore charges around $60 an hour, however if your lawn only takes 30minutes to mow its likely going to cost you more than $30. This is because the time involved in setting up, getting to the job and other factors. If you have at least a few hours work for the gardener an hourly rate of $60 is more achievable and something most gardeners on the north shore would be happy to agree to. 

During the growing season and coming into summer weeds can often become a large player and something that can seriously lower the visual appeal of your lawn. If your gardener is seriously fussy about weeds, there’s a good chance he might be also cleaning his lawn mower, this will prevent cross contamination. On the North Shore, winter halts the growth of gardens results in weeds being able to grow faster than the standard buffalo. To prevent this happing to your lawn, a simple weed and feed every 6 weeks during winter will keep your lawn looking tidy and weed free. Weed and feed also fertilise your lawn.


How long does it take to mow your lawn

When choosing a gardener to mow your lawn, cost is the most contributing factor. In order to make sure you choose right its best to get written quotes for the cost of lawn mowing and edging so you know what you are in for. Often individuals look to get 3 quotes before deciding upon a gardener for the job. If your lawn is of smaller size and the first quote you receive sounds fair enough. It’s probably not going to be worth your time to get many others. Also factor to consider is how often you want your lawn mowed, if you don’t mind a long lawn, less frequent mowing with probably suit you well. However this will cost more per mow as there is more grass to come off the lawn, resulting in greater time taken to mow your lawn.

Where to find a gardener on the North Shore

Lawn mowing is one thing we all enjoy aspects off. Some enjoy the tidy short lawn, others enjoy the exercise the get out of mowing, whatever it is. Being able to enjoy aspects of getting your lawn mowed, or mowing your lawn is important. If you enjoy the process. Lawn mowing will happen relativity easily. Gardeners often enjoy working outdoors and is the main reason they got into lawn mowing. If your passionate about your property and want it looking as neat as possible finding a gardener who is passionate about his work is essential.


To wrap up, the best way to find a good gardener, is to find one already working in the area. Looking at your local lawns and seeing which ones are done to a standard you would be happy with. In the North Shore, there are many different gardening company’s and finding someone to mow your lawn isn’t difficult. Next time you’re out and about have a look around.

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