How to fertilize your lawn perfectly

Are you planning to transform your lawn and make it look thick, fresh and green but you don’t know where to start from because there is too much information out there? This task of keeping the grass healthy and fresh is dependent on many different factors. Today we are going to talk about fertilizing your lawn perfectly so that it not only adds beauty to your lawn but also adds value to your property. 

Things You Will need

  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Grass cutting machine
  • Spreader
  • Water Bucket
  • Pair of Gloves

Before getting started, you should know that fertilizing your garden not only affects the way your plants look or grow but also increases the frequency you check on your lawn. Nitrogen is the most basic ingredient needed by plants and each plant requires a precise amount of nitrogen. The following tips are going to tell you how to fertilize your lawn perfectly:


Test Your Soil

The first and the most important thing to do is test the quality of your soil. This will help you understand what should be done to improve the growth of your plants. If the grass in your lawn is dead then there must be something wrong with the soil. To test your soil, you must collect soil samples from at least 10 different places on your lawn. Once you are done, mix all the collected samples and send them to a testing lab.


Cut Your Grass

If the grass in your lawn is not dead and is struggling to grow, then your soil must be missing some essential ingredients. To get this thing right, grab your gloves and cutters to get to work.

You must neatly and evenly cut the grass of your lawn so that fertilizer can easily get into the soil. This will encourage the healthy growth of your grass and your plants. It’s better to use sharpened cutters to evenly cut the grass for fertilization. Make sure to spread the fertilizer all over by not missing any area.   


Hydrate Your Lawn

After trimming, the most important step is to water your lawn thoroughly and let the sprinklers in your lawn water the grass like crazy. Make sure that all your grass is soaked in water this time. This is a very important step and allows your grass to get the most out of nutrients. Water when combined with fertilizer, encourages the healthy growth of grass.


Make Some Calculations

You must also know the exact area to cover and for that calculate the amount of fertilizer bags you will need to buy. It is a very essential step because you must cover all the area of your lawn leaving no corner untouched. You must also check which minerals must be added to your soil particularly after getting it tested to improve the growth and quality of your lawn. Buy your fertilizers accordingly, considering all the above-mentioned factors in mind. The most basic minerals are Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphate which you must need to promote healthy growth.  

Gardening in the mornings


Fertilizing your lawn usually in normal days is different than fertilizing it for the first time after trimming. Your lawn should not be soaked in water but your soil should be damp enough. So, to carry out this you must fertilize your lawn early in the morning because the soil is damp at that time due to the morning dew. You must also check the weather forecast before carrying out any of the steps because rain can ruin all your efforts.


Spreading Your Fertilizer

You can spread your fertilizer in several ways, it can be done using just your hands or through a battery-powered spreader. There is even a broadcast spreader which can be used to spread fertilizer evenly on your soil. These tools make your job easy and allow you to speed up the distribution process. It becomes easier and faster when you use these products.

It is best to cover all the areas of your lawn and leave nothing behind. Some areas of the lawn are inaccessible and for that, you must use these products to ease your job.


Fertilizing your lawn is the most important step if you want your lawn to look perfect and fresh throughout the year. This will not only encourage new growth but also make your lawn thick and green while adding value to your property. The process of fertilization seems simple and easy but it requires hard work and dedication.

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