Mistakes to avoid when mowing your lawn

Most of the homeowners out there want to mow their lawns because of several different reasons out of which saving money is the most common. However, most lawn owners may not be familiar with the fact that improper lawn mowing is one of the most common problems that ruin lawns. Luckily, it is very easy to fix this problem with some of our simple tips and techniques to keep your lawn healthy and green round the year

Don't mow your lawn to often

When we talk about typical winter season grasses like bluegrass, fescue and even ryegrass, they grow in the fall and spring season. These types of grasses are not required in summers as frequently as others which in result requires less cutting. There is no set rule regarding how long you should wait before mowing your lawn, but as a rule of thumb, you should not be cutting your cool-season grass by any more than one-third of its height. This is the most optimum length for a given cool-season grass.

In general, if you are looking for a specific length, then the length of your grass should remain between 3.5-4 inches. Mowing according to this given length range will always keep your lawn fresh and green. A healthy grass which is properly trimmed will keep your lawn lush green and aesthetics will also be maintained. It will also make the root system healthy by reducing the space for proper nutrients to absorb.


Avoid mowing with dull blades

If you have decided to mow your lawn then checking the blades of your lawnmower is extremely important. You should never mow your lawn with dull blades because they will ruin your grass. You should always make sure to check that the blades of your lawn are sharp enough. Cutting your grass with dull blades will result in unclean and irregular cuts which will eventually tear your grass instead of cutting. This will make your grass prone to pest invasion and deadly diseases. Always make sure to sharpen your blades after every couple of months. If you haven’t done this in several years then it’s time.

Use shredded grass as mulch

In previous times, lawn owners used to cut their grass and throw it away but recently, experts have found a way to use this waste as a mulch.

A recent study recommends that you should save your clippings and leave them on the grass which will help your lawn to retain the moisture in the soil. This will help your lawn to stay nutrient-rich and healthy throughout the year. As the clippings decompose, they start acting as a mulch and keep your lawn hydrated for a longer period.

           Additionally, grass clippings help generate 30% of the nitrogen which is required by the lawn. Leaving the clippings on not only saves your time by reducing your work but also improves the quality of your lawn. This helps your lawn and provides an environment which is extremely good for the growth of new grass. As long as you are following a proper cutting schedule, as we discussed above, your clipping will be small enough to decompose rapidly.

If you are concerned about a thatch build-up then you can try adding mulch cutters to your existing lawn mowers. They will turn your grass into very smaller pieces and there won’t be any build-up.

Vary your mowing patterns

Do you know that varying the pattern of your mowing can help you achieve even and smooth grass which is perfectly levelled? It’s extremely important to mix things up and cut your grass with varying patterns. You should change the pattern of your mowing each time you are planning to cut your grass.

If you are planning to mow in a vertical direction this week then you should cut your grass in the horizontal direction next week. If you will follow just one direction, then it is highly likely that your grass will lean towards that direction and will not be straight. A varying mowing pattern promotes upright growth of grass. So, the next time you mow your lawn keep this tip in mind.


Remember to overlap

If you want an even coverage of your lawn then the best thing you can do is to overlap. The best way to practice this is by overlapping by at least three inches each time you cut a strip.

This will help you achieve a healthy- and fresh-looking lawn with even cutting. There is an area between the blades of your mower and its wheels where no grass is cut. So, make sure to cover that area as well and this overlapping technique is going to help you with that.



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