7 tips to keeping your lawn healthy all year round

1. Keep your lawns long during the colder months

This is important as it prevents weeds from gaining traction and taking nutrients away from your lawn growth. Weeds can cause problems for your lawn and on the North Shore during the colder month’s lawns growth halts to a minimum. Keeping your lawn long during these times also prevents it dying from any lack of rainfall. In recent times this has been important during the drought and a lesson I’m sure we have all learnt.

2. Keep your lawn mower clean

Keeping your lawn mower clean is essential to making sure your lawn remains weed free and there are no contaminants spread by your mower. Washing your lawn mower on a regular basis, prevents the spread of seeds and other weeds that may cause harm to your lawn. This is a lesson that I learn early on and if your mowing multiple lawns, something that you should practise.

3. Apply weed and feed on a regular basis

Weed and feed is great for keeping your lawn healthy and weed free, by applying weed and feed on a regular basis, it ensures that your lawn won’t have any nutrients stripped from it, and remains thick and healthy.

4. Don’t let your lawn grow to long

There’s a fine line between letting your lawn grow too long. Ensuring your lawns length does not get to long is essential as long lawns become hard to mow and can cause issues when there are mowed as the roots grow higher. This causes the lawn to appear as if it has been scalped when you do mow it, and encourages weeds to quickly shoot up and over take growth of the lawn.

5. Make sure it doesn’t dry out in the summer heat

During the previous summer on the North Shore, manly lawns dried out in the summer heat as water restrictions meant individuals were not allowed to water their garden or lawns. This is hard to prevent is restrictions do come into play but whist there are no water restrictions, ensuring your lawn doesn’t fry out is essential. A dried-out lawn can feel like hay under your feet and can cause problems when trying to regenerate. If you have a regular sprinkler system this is a perfect solution and will mean your lawn is healthy all year round

6. Maintain garden borders

Maintaining your garden boards stops your lawn from running into your garden and vs versa. Either a solid edging or clear-cut line with a wiper snipper does the job well. This will keep your lawn neat and tidy.

7. Hire a local gardener on the North Shore

By hiring North Shore lawn mowing specialists , you can have peace of mind that your garden is managed by someone who knows the area well and what to expect. Growth on the North Shore and surrounding suburbs can vary significantly to other parts of Sydney. Sydney Gardeners offers a great solution to this as our team are located throughout the North Shore mowing lawns all over.

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