Simple steps to a great lawn

Are you looking for thick, lush, fresh and green grass for your garden then you are at the right place? A fresh and professionally maintained garden can uplift your mood and make you feel calm at the end of a tiring day. However, transforming your old garden or maintaining your current lawn can sometimes be cumbersome if you don’t know the basics of lawn mowing. Lawn mowing in Sydney isn’t difficult and something anyone can achieve.

We are here to help you by providing professional and easy tips to maintain your lawn without following any difficult technical procedures. With the following four most basic tips you can turn your lawn care into a beautiful place for your friends and family gatherings.


Feed the grass(Fertilization)


The first and foremost step for taking care of your lawn is proper fertilization. With the help of proper fertilization, plants in your lawn need food in order to live just like any other living creature but due to harsh weather conditions the nutrients of your plants can seep away. In order to retain all the rich nutrients, which let your grass and your plants stay healthy, you must use fertilizers. For thicker growth of your grass, regular fertilization throughout the growing season is must.

For any plant to stay healthy and fresh, its roots should be properly maintained while getting high quality nutrition on a timely basis. In order to promote healthy growth, fertilizers provide the necessary nitrogen to your plants. Nitrogen helps grass in your lawn to stay fresh, thick and lush green throughout the year.


            The process of fertilization should be carried out religiously during the growth season. Nearly half of the Nitrogen produced due to the use of fertilizers is released in a very slow fashion which feeds your lawn up to three months. Another half of the Nitrogen produced is kept to the point of limit reaching. This means that almost all of the fertilizer you use for your plans is used to provide healthy nutrition. Only a small part of it is released in to the environment.


Allow your lawn to breathe (Aeration)

The next tip we are going to tell you is regarding Aeration.

Do you know what Aeration is?

It is a process in which the soil is perforated with small holes which allow the soil and plants to breathe through passage of air. These small holes act as passages for the flow of fresh water, air and nutrition.

So, in order to get healthy roots, one must Aerate his or her lawn on a regular basis. Due to Aeration, the roots of plants and grass become stronger and thicker. There is a constant flow of air and water along with healthy nutrients through the use of fertilizers which help the roots grow venously. The most important reason for Aeration is to improve the compaction of soil.

Weeds – The Grass Killer

The third most important tip which we are going to tell you is related to keeping an eye for presence or growth of weeds in your lawn. The best time to remove the already existing weeds in your lawn is the Springtime.

Weeds in your lawn grow simultaneously with your grass with watering and proper sunlight. The more weeds you have in your lawn the more maintenance would be required. Weeds do not let your grass absorb the required nutrition and fertilizers and as a result the roots of your grass become weak and unhealthy.

So, in order to eliminate the presence of weeds in your lawn you must kill the weeds in early fall season. It is the best time to kill all the weeds that are present in your lawn. Herbicides are used to control the growth of weeds in your plants. This whole process can either be yearly or regularly, based on the type of pre-emergent or post emergent being used by you in your lawn.

For each type of grass there is a specially designed herbicide so please read the label before purchasing any herbicide for your grass.


Don’t mow your lawn too short!

Do you know that the best season to manage and decorate your lawn is Springtime?

Yes! but before you get started by jumping on to your grass with a lawn mower, you need to read the following tips.

  • You should make sure that the blades of your lawn mower are sharp because this is the key to get evenly shaped cuts without making much effort.
  • For grass types like Kikuyu, Buffalo, Couch and Zoysia, you should keep the length between 2 and 4 centimeters.
  • Do not mow your grass too short as this will kill the grass itself and your grass would not grow again if you have harsh weather and weeds
  • Always try to mow your garden in different patterns, this will help you reach an even height for all of your lawn. It also helps the grass keep growing.
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