How you can succesfuly garden in Sydney's climate

Gardening in Sydney changes significantly during the seasons, during winter, growth is slowed to a minimum and the need for garden maintenance is minimal. This changes however as the temperature warms up and the growing season kicks off. In Sydney Spring starts at the beginning of September and the gardens really begin to wake up and come alive. Lawns start growing faster, and things begin to slowly start flowering. It’s one of my favourite times in the garden. As a gardener this is when work begins to kick off and maintenance for individuals’ gardens is in high demand. 

Simple gardening tips in Sydney

In terms of managing your garden as an individual now is the time to dust off the lawn mower and the gardening equipment because it is about to be put to some good use. Making sure the garden beds are well mulched and clear of any weeds as these can steal the nutrients from your plants and stump their growth. In Sydney mulch is plentiful thanks to the abundance of trees around. Get some mulch on your garden beds early, this will keep the moisture in and prevent weeds from growing. Keeping your garden healthy and happy. A handy tip is to hire gardening services such as Sydney Gardeners to take the difficult parts away. Another great tip is to start a compost. During spring and coming into summer the temperature in and around Sydney is perfect for composting. If you often have large amounts of good scraps, starting a compost is a good idea and one that I would highly recommend. The end result from composting is this rich soil like finish that is nutrient dense and great for your plants. Composting is also great for the environment as it prevents this waste ending up in landfill. 

Soil quality in Sydney

If you are worried about the quality of your soil coming into spring, liquid fertiliser is a great solution. Liquid fertiliser can give your plants the boost they need if your soil isn’t nutrient dense. It’s a great way to give your garden a controlled boost in growth and prevent any growth hindrances.

Maintaining your garden during spring is a great idea, and something that can really add value to your home. Keeping your hedges tidy and your lawn mowed is something I could not recommend enough. 

When this begins to flower, it’s best to let them completely flower before trimming, this way you get the most out of your garden. Trimming something that is flowering isn’t recommended and something I try to avoid as much as possible.

Warmer months bring garden pests

During spring time, enjoying your garden’s growth is a great thing, if you’re a green thumb, you can get it and start trimming things. It’s exciting to see each year what spring has to offer. With seasons such as spring and summer it brings with it a large variety of different pests that can wreak havoc on your gardens. Keeping pests out is highly important or your entire outdoor areas could be ravaged by some unwelcome visitors. 

As we’ve mentioned things such as healthy soil, constant fertilizing watering in the early mornings and consistent plant care. Won’t prevent insect pests from entering your garden, but what it will do is greatly reduce the impact they’ll have on your garden. Because it’s inevitable insect pests will make a visit so you should deter them as much as possible as well as make your garden as strong and capable of repelling insect attack.

Detering pests entirely

There are a few methods to cut down the number of insect pests that visit your garden each and every year. Some of these methods could be companion planting, where you plant strong scented herbs and plants near insect ravaged plants. This acts as a barrier and a way to deter insects from even entering the perimeter of what you’re growing. Another thing is to have your compost bin as far away from your garden, because it attracts a wide variety of different bug species. Other quick wins can be not allowing fruit to fall within your garden as once it begins rotting every creepy crawly will come running. 

Water in the mornings

You must always water in the mornings for two reasons. First reason is because water can burn the leaves and prevent any plants from ingesting the sun’s rays. Secondly water too late in the day or in the evenings can mean the water sits on the plants overnight and fungi and other diseases can gain a foothold. Watering in the mornings means that leaves won’t be burnt and the sun will dry everything off as it rises.

In conclusion Sydney is a perfect place to start your garden, or improve what you already have. Sydney’s climate is perfect for a variety of reasons and allows us to garden all year round. Majority of people have large yards who can easily make space and even if you own an apartment balcony gardening is something you can always consider. 

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