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Why we are the best at commercial gardening

We are a well-established business and have plenty of experience in the Gardening industry. Sydney Gardeners Offers professional and prompt commercial gardening services throughout all of Sydney. Our services are available from the Northern Beaches, CBD, Inner Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and Upper and Lower North shore.

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What is included in commercial gardening

Commercial gardening includes a range of services. Maintaining a commercial property can require a wide scope of skills. At Sydney Gardeners, we offer all of these services as a one stop shop. These include lawn mowing, ride-on mowing, hedge trimming, tree lopping, pressure washing, gutter clearing, pest control and much more.

Ride on mowing
Each commercial property requires a tailed service. Council work required ride on mowing for all their commercial properties and that is well within the scope of services we offer. If you have a large property. Get a quote for rise on mowing, it can often be cheaper than regular mowing and done in half the time.

Tree trimming and removal
We offer a complete tree service, whether you are after a light trim to keep it off the edge of the building or complete removal. We have qualified individuals ready to help. This includes the removal of all green waste and stumps if necessary.

Hedge trimming
Part of a full package of commercial gardening services includes all types of hedge trimming. For commercial properties this can be done to any size hedge, the team have scaffolding and all the appropriate equipment to complete any commercial hedging jobs.

Mulching is a great way to keep weeds under control and is a perfect solution for garden beds. For commercial properties, weeds can get out of hand quickly and result in the property looking run down. Having garden beds mulched thickly to prevent any weeds from growing through is a great way to prevent this and keep the property looking fresh and clean.

Our larger commercial gardening jobs we also use weed mat and a further barrier to prevent weeds from growing. This provides a longer lasting effect and means maintenance doesn’t have to be as regular or for as long.

How are teams are equipped for your commercial gardening needs

The equipment our teams operate is made for commercial use. This differs from standard residential equipment. Commercial gardening gear gets the job done faster by being bigger and built better. An example of this is a ride on a mower, the deck is 3 times the width of an average mower and can travel at twice the speed. Getting the job done 6x faster. Some of the equipment the team uses includes:

  • Ride on mowers
  • Excavators
  • Mulchers
  • Whipper snippers, edgers, blowers, mowers and chainsaws
  • Industrial sprayers
  • Scaffolding and ladders
  • Mini dumpers/dingos

Commercial gardening costs

The cost of our jobs will vary greatly depending on the difficulty, the size and length of time it will take to be completed. If you’re thinking about an update to your commercial property or a complete makeover. Our landscaping design team can help remodel your garden to the client’s needs and give advice on landscape construction in and around the garden.

We can provide upfront costing and ongoing costs for regular commercial gardening services. Give us a call to organise a quote.

We can also work on an hourly rate depending on the scope of work and the budget. The teams are efficient and effective, and can get through large volumes of work in a small amount of time, it’s one of the benefits of using commercial gardening equipment. It’s made to get work done at scale and with a quality finish.


What commercial gardening does Sydney Gardeners offer?

We offer an array of commercial landscaping options that provide environmentally friendly services not only to your garden but also to the client and the ever-changing environment.

We complete and execute all commercial garden maintenance services that are required to your property this can include lawn mowing, tree pruning, hedging, mulching, planting, lawn irrigation, green house set ups, tree and shrub care, fencing, decking, greenhouse lighting, structural consultation, Porches, Steps, Walkways and Walls.

Sydney Gardeners are professional in what we do, our experienced team takes on every task with a positive attitude our team can also offer guidance on all aspects of garden needs this can entail, plant recommendations, pruning, mulching plants , how to advance solid roots, how regularly to water gardens, yards and various plants.

We offer a discount to regular commercial gardening customers that recommend our services to 1 or more friends. Talk to a friendly team member today for more information regarding this offer. At Sydney Gardeners we believe that when you get our gardening needs met this should be done with trust and respect.


Types of commercial properties we maintain include

Schools and preschools

  • Maintenance for schools and preschools is important as the playground should always be a safe place for the kids to play. Our team understands this and maintains the plants in a safe, friendly manner.

Retirement and aged care facilities
Maintenance at these facilities needs to be done in a way that does not hinder access or disrupt the residents. It also needs to have safety and noise at the forefront.

Golf courses and sports facilities

  • This maintenance is very specialised and requires an exceptional eye for detail. It also requires razor-sharp cutting blades for mowers and the best equipment in order to achieve the best result.

Commercial property
This includes apartment buildings, gyms etc .This maintenance requires strict safety requirements, especially when working at heights or around the general public. Our team is well trained and our safety standards are the best in the business.

What is commercial gardening?

Commercial gardening includes the maintenance of property and plants, including grass and garden beds by a gardener for profit.

Do you need to be trained to be a commercial gardener?

Commercial gardening requires a significant amount of knowledge and skills. Not just in how to operate the equipment, but also understanding what plants work well in different situations and under different conditions. Furthermore you also need to have a sound understanding of the local area to know what wildlife does and how this will impact the garden and its plants.

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