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Our Landscaping services in Sydney are of the highest quality. We provide comprehensive care solutions to address the specific needs of your garden and outdoor entertainment areas. Our professionals gardeners in Sydney are tailored to meet the requirements of our customers. Landscaping relies on expertise, experience and industry skill. For communities in Sydney, landscaping provided by Gardening Sydney can provide effective, innovative and functional outdoor spaces for your home and business.

Landscaping is a major undertaking and requires the support and assistance of a professional and an experienced team. We adhere to local regulations concerning the removal of protected and indigenous trees and shrubs from the property. Our services will commence once the appropriate council permits are issued and we can safely clear the environment of unwanted vegetation.

The benefits of landscaping

Some of the benefits of landscaping range from a number of things such as a nicer looking property that is more enticing for friends and guests. Not only that we believe that good quality landscaping can add a great deal of value to your property. Landscaping is very important to your property because it’s one of the first things people see when they look at your home., even though good landscaping might go unnoticed to a potential buyer it’s better that way than bad landscaping being noticed. Landscaping is very hard to master as very house is different from the last one. It’s important that our creative team of landscape architects stay creative throughout the process or redesigning your back yard or landscape surrounding your home.


How landscaping affects Sydney wild life

If the landscaping around your home is overgrown and unmaintained or is falling in to a state of dilapidation. If so, it can be more enticing for animals such as possums, rats, snakes, white ants, and cockroaches. These kinds of animals cause extensive damage to your home but not only that can be feral to life around. Keeping your landscaping well maintained may seem difficult. If you’re the type of person who isn’t much of a green thumb. Or you just don’t have time then you could get someone else to do if for you such as sydney gardeners.

What is landscaping

Landscaping is a mixture of garden and construction work mixed into one making the concoction of the two so interesting and fun to work with. Landscaping isn’t just working in the garden, it’s more than that is connecting with nature and the surrounding element. There is a variety of landscaping, soft landscaping is mulching and planting whereas hard landscaping is building retaining walls and garden retainers. They are both exciting and fun to do cause every days different.


Landscaping Services in Sydney

Based on our extensive experience in managing and developing gardens, we provide property owners, seeking our assistance, with well-researched plans for developing beautifully landscaped areas. All landscaping services are provided by a dedicated and expert team in the industry. We assure our clients of collaborative efforts to recreate your ideas for an aesthetic and a practical space.

Wether you’re after a small planter box or a full garden makeover. Our landscapers are the ones to go to and happy to give open minded suggestions. Our team work tirelessly to ensure our clients are completely satisfied. landscaping teams at Sydney Gardening works on the Northern Beaches, CBD, Inner Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and Upper and Lower North shore.

Our Services

Contract mowing

Garden maintenance is a top quality services provided throughout Sydney.

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance is a top quality services provided throughout Sydney.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters are the worst and aren’t easy to maintain. Call us to help out.

Rubbish Removal

We can remove and recycle any forms of rubbish or waste you provide.

Lawn Mowing

Sydney lawn mowing is a top of the range high quality service

Tree Lopping

We love everything trees, safety and efficiencey is priority.


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