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At Sydney Gardeners we believe you shouldn’t spend your weekend lawn mowing. We’re committed to giving our clients the pleasure of an effort-free lawn. We can also handle other gardening requests including weeding, weed spraying, fertilising, trimming, garden clean up, and lawn laying! Tired of seeing overgrown grass? Or always have someone on your back about mowing the lawn. Our lawn mowing services are reasonably priced and on time. You can call us for a one of clean up before an event or regular hassle-free maintenance.

Sydney lawn mowing services monthly update

April is well into Autumn and tempares have started to fall. We have noticed lawn growth is slowing, which is to be expected. Currently mowing every 3 weeks is suitable, as the weather cools, weeds can start to take hold easier because the grass doesn’t grow as quickly. Ensure you are only taking the tops off the lawn, leaving at least two thirds of the lawn so it doesn’t thin out and get overtaken by weeds.

With winter coming you can expect things to slow even further. The current rain in Sydney might give the lawns once last growth spurt before the cooler temperature really kicks in.

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Why choose Sydney Gardeners for your lawn mowing services

The lawn mowing services we offer cover all of Sydney. We look after all your property needs and are happy to be flexible with arrangements in order to suit individuals’ requests.

Our services cover both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team provides customised affordable lawn care services and lawn cutting services with razor sharp cutting equipment to deliver a clean and healthy lawn mow. Lawn mowing is an essential garden service that we offer along with many other garden services.

Lawn mowing is something we pride ourselves on and you should too. Our customers have the neatest lawns in the neighbourhood and that is done so hassle free. Sydney Gardeners offers same-day lawn mowing services. To find out more, get in touch.

How to keep your lawn in Sydney healthy all year round

With over 40 years of mowing lawns in Sydney our team are well trained at keeping your lawn healthy all year round. For the summer months, the growth of your lawn will be fast and will require a cut every 2 weeks. This tapers off in Autumn and by winter it’s every 4-6 weeks.

It’s important during the winter months to only take the top off the lawn to neaten it up without cutting the grass back too much. Keeping the lawns a little longer in Winter prevents the weeds from coming through and keeps your Lawn healthy all year round.

Once spring hits and the growing season starts, feeding your lawn is important to help accommodate this growth. A weed and feed is a great start and even look into topsoiling.

Why you should have your lawn mowed by a professional

We understand the importance that a tidy lawn has on the property, once in our hands your property worries will be over, and we can also notify you when other areas of your property require maintenance. With our highly competitive lawn mowing rates. Our professional lawn maintenance services save you time for other more important activities.

Having your lawn looked after by a professional team located in Sydney means we understand the climate and your lawn’s growth throughout the different seasons and its needs. Our lawn mowing services cover areas including the Northern Beach, Upper and Lower North Shore CBA and many more. We can schedule to mow your lawn on a regular basis and adjust it according to the seasons.

Our Lawn mowing services cover all areas of Sydney

Lawn mowing no longer needs to be stressful, we will make all your lawn care our personal responsibility and ensure it is well fertilised and healthy all year round. Our lawn mowing teams are happy to provide a free quote and advice on the best way to mow your lawn and maintain its health.

Lawn mowing is what we do so you can be sure your property maintenance is in good hands. We also offer same day lawn mowing on clients that call before 9am. As we understand, often the lawn mowing can be the last thing on your mind when preparing for an event or friends over. Advice on how to keep your lawn healthy and tidy all year around can be hard to find, our team understands the seasonal changes and their impact on your lawn and garden.

Lawn maintenance services Sydney

Keeping on top of your lawn is something our team specialise in, Lawn maintenance is also important. Letting your lawn quality degrade can be costly to fix and time consuming. Our team knows all about this and successfully keeps hundreds of lawns maintained all year round. Here are a few of our tricks.


Topsoiling is important when maintaining a lawn as it provides it with the extra feed that it needs that gets taken out when you mow a lawn with a catcher. It also helps balance the soil quality and improve lawn growth. The best time to topsoil a lawn is in Spring, this will give it a kick start into the growing season.

Weed removal
  • Mowing is one aspect of lawn maintenance, keeping on top of any weeds is another important part to keeping your lawn healthy. During the colder months in Sydney weeds can grow quicker than the lawn, depending on what type of lawn you have. The standard buffalo nearly stops growing in Winter and can easily be overwhelmed by weeds.
  • To prevent this, keeping the lawn longer during the colder months is a great way to ensure the weeds can’t get through. If it’s already too late for this then a suitable weed spray is recommended to kill the weeds off before mowing the lawn. It’s hard to tell how weedy the lawn is once it’s freshly mowed. When it hasn’t been mowed for a few weeks the difference in growth is a great way to spot the weeds.

Lawn mowing Sydney pricing

Small lawn (Under 30m2)

From $45

For small lawns, we offer competitive pricing in all areas of Sydney. Let in touch for a hassle-free quote. 

Medium lawn (Under 70m2)

From $65

For medium lawns in all areas of Sydney and surrounds, our pricing and quality of work are top of the range 

Large lawn (under 120m2

From $100

We have the appropriate equipment and knowledge for larger lawns to make them cost-efficient and affordable. Get in touch if you are after a quote.

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Calium Fraser
Calium Fraser
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I have a few properties across Sydney and use these guys for all my lawn mowing needs. Always on time and get the job done fast and affordable which is important and keeps my tenants happy.
Bailey Suntup
Bailey Suntup
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The team at Sydney Gardeners have been mowing my lawn for over 3 years now. They are always on time and ensure the lawn is well maintained. I have lived in a few different houses in Sydney over that period and getting them around for lawn mowing regardless of where I move to next is always nice. Happy and show up and work with a smile. That's what it's all about.
Annabel Willow
Annabel Willow
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After using Sydney Gardeners for a one of lawn tidy up. I couldn't help but keep them as my regular gardener. They quality of the work was good and not to expensive, I don't know why I bothered mowing my own lawn initially.
Dale Familio
Dale Familio
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My lawn is in the best condition it has ever been in thanks to the guys at Sydney Gardeners. Not only do they mow it, they keep it weed free and always neat and tidy.
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