Ways to maintain a healthy garden

One of the worst things that can happen to your lawn is a plant getting diseased. The first question that pops up in your mind is how did that happen? You also start thinking about all your plants dying. Another common question that can come to your mind is, is this disease going to spread all over my garden? How can I get rid of this disease before it spreads?

You want to maintain a healthy and fresh garden but somehow your garden is ruined because of an unknown disease. You planned and worked all year to keep your grass thick and your plants lush green but all of this hard work washes away because of one single mistake.

To understand this situation, you must familiarize yourself with the disease triangle to prevent something like this from happening in the future. Your lawn can be ruined when three basic elements are combined: the presence of a plant that can get sick, presence of any bacteria, fungus or virus and specific environmental conditions.

If anyone of these things is not there, your lawn will not be affected and it will stay healthy and green. In this article, we are going to guide you to avoid any of this from happening.

Examine plants carefully before buying

The basic and the easiest way to maintain a healthy garden is by careful examination of plants before buying them. If you brought a plant that is diseased from the start then it is obvious that the disease will spread in your garden.

One of the hardest things is to understand and learn whether a plant is healthy or not before buying. You can learn this only through practice or by bringing an expert with you. Another way to avoid this issue is by looking at the images of plants in different magazines and books. This will give you a general idea about the general looks of healthy plants.

Use the correct garden waste

Another way to maintain a healthy garden is through using correct garden waste. Compost does not consist of materials that decompose at the same time. Some of the materials in it decompose at different rates and are not degraded as fast as others. The process of composting is responsible for the elevation of temperature in your garden which kills any bacteria or virus present.

If you are not familiar with your compost condition then avoid using the yard waste as a mulch in your garden for sensitive plants. Apart from that, you should also check the waste before actually using it for your lawn because there is a chance of pre-infection in your pile of waste.


Improve garden soil

Normal or even ruined soil of your garden can be transformed into a soil that is healthy with some hard work and dedication. Below are some of the tips to improve the condition of your soil so that your garden becomes healthy.

You should add compost to your grass which is an organic material. The purpose of adding compost is to improve the health of your soil. It will help your soil to retain nutrients while maintaining a healthy structure. It also keeps the soil to get fresh air while maintaining a balanced pH.

Mulching the Soil

Adding mulch to your soil is a necessary step because it makes your plants stay fresh and healthy all the time. Mulch helps your garden stay nutrient-rich and hinders the growth of weed in your garden. It slowly decomposes and increases the fertility of your soil as well.

Cover Crops

The main reason to grow cover crops is to improve the health of your soil. Cover crops also act as a source of food for your primary plants. These crops not only provide a healthy environment for your garden but also protects it from erosion in case of heavy rains. These crops also prevent the soil of your garden from compacting and stops the unwanted growth of weed.

Start using liquid fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers are already being used in the industry for a wide variety of applications to improve the soil structure. The reason being their superfast behaviour of getting the nutrient to the plants. The use of liquid nutrients can help you get a healthy and lush green garden because of their ease of solubility in the plants. The best thing about these fertilizers is that you can make them at home easily.


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