What to consider when hiring lawn mowing on the north shore

Within the north shore there are a variety of different businesses all offering lawn mowing services. With so many people offering north shore lawn mowing services, how do you know which lawn business to pick not to mention the variety of things they might offer. In this guide we’ll show you some of the questions and things to consider when hiring a lawn mowing business. 

Are they a registered lawn business with an online presence?

You’ll want someone who’s registered with an ABN and ideally a website and some form of web presence. Check lawn businesses google reviews is a good first step to see what other customers have found. An online presence shows that the business is serious about lawn mowing and lawn maintenance and have invested time and energy into the business. The last thing you want is a weekend warrior who owns a lawn mower. The best professionals are found through google and anyone appearing on the front page is going to have the skills and experience needed to maintain healthy lawns in the north shore. 

Do they own a ute and the correct tools?

The last thing you want to be doing is hiring weekend warriors who in reality have very little clue about lawn mowing or gardening in the north shore. You can tell by the car they drive and the tools they own if they’re a professional or an amateur. They should possess not just a lawn mower but a variety of garden tools such as whipper snippers, hedgers and shovels and wheelie bins. When you’re getting a quote on the north shore have a look in the way they dress and how they handle your questions. There are a lot of amature gardeners and lawn mowing businesses throughout the north shore and you need to make sure to avoid them.

Do they own the necessary insurance

All businesses own insurance, they never don’t go into business with it. It’s too big of a risk. Most weekend lawn mowing businesses don’t own insurance because it’s a side hustle they don’t take seriously. Ask for their insurance and if they do send it over, put it through an online tool to double check it’s real and hasn’t been forged. Lawn mowing insurance is cheap and if they don’t even have that they won’t take your lawn seriously. 

Do they provide lawn maintenance as well as mowing?

Nearly anyone can mow a lawn but few can provide the correct maintenance services to keep it lush and green all year round. Successful maintenance requires specialized skills and knowledge years in the industry. Lots of lawn mowing businesses in the north shore fail at the simplest tasks of green, the grass green and lush. When hiring lawn mowing confirm the skills for lawn maintenance as it’s just as important as lawn mowing. 

Lawn maintenance requires improving soil quality and fertilizing, two things that few people know about and can pay dividends if you hire the right lawn business. So many homes and businesses in the north shore have grass that is dead or dying, avoiding this is crucial and that involves hiring the correct lawn mowing business.

Finding quality lawn mowing through word of mouth

Many of our customers spend their time walking throughout the north shore picking and choosing their favorite lawns. Most of the time these lawns are maintained by us, finding quality gardeners can be easy through word of mouth. Asking friends or colleagues who work on their lawn is a great idea or knocking on people’s doors and asking them who did their lawn. They always say Sydney gardeners worked on their lawn, every other lawn business in the north shore simply can’t compete. 

Online groups and message boards in the north shore

A lot of people prefer discussing their favorite lawn mowing service places like facebook. Joining groups like north shore living is a good way to find the creme of the crop in terms of gardeners and mowing. If a certain keeps popping up it’s a good sign they’re a trust worth business and can provide adequate services for your lawn. 

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