How you can adapt your garden to Sydney's climate

Sydney is arguably the Jewel of Australia, it’s warm summers and mild winters makes it ideal for any gardener. Sydney’s climate offers an abundance of gardening possabilities and we all have the opportunity to begin growing a wide variety of different plants and vegetables. Sydney’s warm weather means outdoor living is a huge part of our lifestyles. Most people enjoy a large outdoor area for entertaining guests and also a peaceful place to spend time and relax. A garden is ideal for this and you can add something like an outdoor patio to improve the space. 


What plants and vegetables to grow in Sydney’s winters



The coastal regions of NSW as well as Sydney have a temperate climate so you’re going to need plants that excel in the cooler months. Some of the best plants to grow in your garden are Broad beans, English Spinach, Green beans and peas. These plants will excel in any gardener’s harvest.


Herbs are some of the easiest and most convenient plant life to grow. Any beginner gardener can start on them and they can be grown in small spaces like balconies or kitchen counters. Some of the best herbs that thrive in Sydney’s climate are thyme, Winter tarragon, parsley, oregano, marjoram, garlic and Coriander. 

When and where to grow plants in Sydney’s winter 

Aim for more sunlight

No matter the time of year vegetables thrive the more sun they can get. Without sunlight your garden won’t grow. In winter the amount of sunlight your garden will receive will be far less than in summer. This means planting your vegetables where they receive the most amount of sunlight is hugely important. 

Plant over time 

At Sydney Gardeners we’ve found to not plant everything all at once, but steadily begin planting over time. As the transition from summer to winter is coming about is an ideal time to begin the planting process. 

Crop rotation

When you’re starting a new winter patch try moving around where you plant your vegetables. This is called Crop rotation and it will mean that you will have less problems with pests as they won’t be accustomed to the same plant each and every year. Another benefit of rotating your crops in Sydney is that it gives the soil a chance to take a break from feeding plant life and gather up new nutrients. 

Indigenous plants that thrive in Sydney’s climate 

That’s such a variety of different plant life we can use to spruce up and decorate our gardens. Something that never gets old is traditional indigenous plants. Nowadays so much of our garden and landscapes are made up of international plants and concepts. Bringing it back to traditional Australia gives your garden a real aussie feel. Some of our favorite indigenous plants to grow are.

  • Lomandra
  • Grevillea
  • Carex Grass
  • Wattle
  • Gymea Lily
  • Grass Trees
  • Angophora
  • Blue Fescue Grass
  • Eucalyptus
  • Bottlebrush
  • Westringia
  • Native Violets
  • Kangaroo Paw
  • Austromyrtus
  • Lilly Pilly

Tips for gardening in Sydney’s summer 

In the summer, it can get incredibly hot and your garden may suffer due to the heat. Figuring out new ways to maintain garden maintenance and quality in the heat is never easy. Here are some ways we have found to combat the intense heat that Sydney brings with it. 

Improve soil quality and moisture

Strong heat can take a serious toll on your garden’s soil quality, things such as composting or organic fertilizers can maintain the important nutrients that your garden’s soil might lose under the sun. Mulching is super important to maintain the moisture in your garden, spread about one inch of mulch over the top of the garden to prevent weeds and maintain soil moisture. A granular wetting agent can be effective if you spread it around the base of your plants which will maintain the moisture in and around their roots. 

In hot summers soil moisture can be the success or death of your garden, make sure to regularly water twice a day so that the soil can stay moist for your plants. Morning and evening waters are ideal and shouldn’t take too long. If the days heat hasn’t subsided remember to water the soil and roots, not the plant itself. The water landing on the leaves can actually burn and damage the plant you’re trying to help. That’s why it’s always good to begin watering early morning and late evening when the sun isn’t so strong. 

Install an irrigation system

Watering in the summer months of Sydney must be a top priority if your garden is to succeed. Installing an irrigation system makes this process far easier and less time consuming. It means you won’t skip out on watering your garden some days, because who wants to tend their garden when it’s 40 degrees out. 

In conclusion Sydney’s climate makes it an ideal location for any gardener, if your a veteran of the hobby or just getting started your in the right place to start on your next harvest. Gardening isn’t a complex process and if you’re just a beginner there are a variety of different ways you can start. If you’re unlucky enough to not have access to any garden beds consider barlcony or herb gardens to begin your new found hobby. 

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