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Sydney siders love their hedges, and righty so. What a great way to ensure privacy screening while maintaining an aesthetic garden. Hedges provide not just screening but noise reduction, wind barriers, air purification, and many other benefits. If you have a hedge that you would like trimmed or maintained reach out for a free quote. 

What hedge trimming services do Sydney Gardeners offer

We offer a range of different hedge trimming services. 

Regular Maintenance Trimming: This involves periodically cutting back growth to maintain a hedge’s size and shape. Regular trimming keeps hedges looking tidy and can encourage denser growth.

Formative Pruning: For young hedges, this service shapes them during their early years so they grow to the desired form.

Restorative or Renovation Pruning: This is for older, overgrown hedges. It involves more drastic cutting back to rejuvenate the hedge and encourage new growth. If your hedge is getting old out of control we can cut back to help it shoot new fresh shoots and look fresh and young 

Topiary Design: We also specialise in shaping hedges into particular forms or designs, ranging from simple geometric shapes to intricate sculptures.

Height Reduction: Over time, some hedges may grow too tall for a property’s needs or aesthetic preferences. Our height reduction service  will trim down the hedge to a more appropriate height.

Hedge Removal: If a hedge is no longer desired or if it’s become unhealthy, we can remove it entirely. This can involve stump grinding to ensure the hedge doesn’t grow back.

We offer complete hedge solutions

Our service has you covered from the start to finish. We offer fixed quotes so you know what you are in for, and we aren’t finished until your property is as tidy as it was when we started. 

We also offer:

Health Assessment & Disease Treatment: Some hedges can catch diseases that can be easily treated if you know how to. Our team have this covered. If there is bugs eating your hedge or its not growing properly reach out to the team and we can help offer you a solution 

Mulching & Fertilising: Hedges need food to, understanding how to correctly feed your hedge so it looks healthy all year round is why you call on industry experts. 

Clean-Up: After trimming, there’s often a considerable amount of debris. The team removes all waste from the hedge, this makes the job look neat and helps the hedge get access to sunshine to grow back quicker and stronger. 

Consultation & Advice: If you are just after advice about the best way to maintain your hedge yourself, we are happy to give it. 

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At Sydney Gardeners, we take pride in our diverse range of gardening services, including our specialized commercial hedge trimming. Our skilled team is adept at meticulously shaping, trimming, and maintaining hedges to ensure they complement the aesthetic and functional needs of commercial spaces.