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Commercial Lawn Mowing Sydney

Why we are the best choice for your commercial mowing needs

We offer commercial mowing for a range of different facilities and complexes. The team at Sydney Gardeners have been doing commercial jobs for years and know the ins and outs of getting the job done.


With such high levels of skill comes great efficiency and a more affordable job. Understanding different seasons and the impact of the mow on the overall area is important. For example when mowing soccer fields during summer it’s important to keep these short and depending on the intensity of the use, the field needs to be aerated a few times a year. If it’s a professional field then it will need aerating every 2 weeks.

Types of commercial lawn mowing work managed by our team

Sports fields 

Managing sports fields and golf courses can be challenging, so ensuring the team is capable of ongoing regular maintenance is important. Being aware of the changing seasons on the growth rate of the grass is important. Understanding when to apply feed and the lengths to mow at different times of the year is essential. Also having the facilities to catch the mowing clippings on sports fields is a must to make sure the grass is ready for use straight away. 


Nature strips

Mowing nature strips can be more difficult than it looks. Ensuring the team is safe whilst the job is underway is the utmost priority. This is where removing the grass clipping is essential. Furthermore, sectioning off the area that is being mowed and slowing down traffic to an appropriate speed is important for the safety of the workers and drivers. 


Apartment complexes / large building surrounds 

Mowing apartment complexes and large building surrounds is something we also specialize in. Depending on the size of the area that needs mowing. A commercial solution might be the best option. Due to economies of scale it also makes it the most affordable option. 


Rural properties 

We offer our commercial mowing services to large properties. These need a commercial solution because a standard lawn mower will not be up for the task. Furthermore once a large grows past a certain ledge it requires either a ride on or a slasher to get it back under control. This is where our commercial services come into play. 

Mowing services that we offer commercially


Edging large areas can take time and so going this in a commercial manner is important. Edging is the process of trimming the grass off the area where the grass meets the footpath or road. Neither a push mower or the ride on mower can cut this area because it sits too low. To edge commercially when mowing its best to do it with an edger. This allows for a fast quality finish. 

Mowing and catching clipping. 

Depending on the area that needs mowing. It might be appropriate to catch and remove the grass clipping. Areas where this is more common include golf courses and playgrounds.  Catching clipping can be difficult when mowing larger commercial areas. Hence why at Sydney Gardeners we have ride on mowers with the ability to catch and remove clippings. 

Pest and weed control 

One of our commercial lawn mowing services we offer is pest and weed control. Across large areas, keeping on top of weeds and pests is important. This can be done with appropriate sprays and treatments. Weed and feeds are a great commercial lawn solution coming into spring. They kill the weeds and provide an extra boost for the grass. 


When grass gets too long it becomes no longer viable to mow. This is where slashing the grass is a good alternative. A slasher runs on the back of a tractor and provides a rougher cut but at a greater speed and can operate in longer grass. Grass slashing is more common on larger properties and open fields. 

Commercial lawn mowing areas we service

We service all of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. Our teams operate all around Sydney and no job is too big or two small. During the summer season we offer increased services to keep on top of lawn growth and ensure properties are maintained up to our standard. If you are unsure if we service your area give us a call to find out. 

Why we are the best in the business at commercial lawn mowing

No commercial job is to big or too small we have a number of trucks, utes, ride on mowers and other equipment needed to get the job done, we have been in the commercial mowing industry for more than a decade and know how to tackle every mowing task with all the right equipment to not only get the job done but to ensure it is done to the Sydney gardeners professional standards.


Commercial real estate is important to keep tidy because its initial looks reflect on the overall property and its value. That’s why we take so much pride in our attention to detail ensuring only the highest quality of work. 

The difference between commercial and residential mowing?

The difference between commercial and residential mowing is the type of equipment used to complete the task. Residential equipment is typically a standard push mower or self propelled mower, a wiper snipper and blower. For commercial jobs due to the size of the work required. Ride on mowers edges and backpack blowers are required. Apart from the equipment used, it also depends on what property you are using the equipment on.

What is the ⅓ mowing rule and does it also apply commercially?

The ⅓ mowing rule is a general rule that you shouldn’t cut more than ⅓ of the leaf of the grass in any one mow. This is a good measure to follow for residential work. For commercial mowing this rule is not always followed. This is because the height of the grass can sometimes require it to be cut by 70-80% in order to get it back under control. While this rule is a good general guide to follow, it is not suitable for commercial lawn mowing

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