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Sydney gardeners is proud to service the North Shore for Lawn Mowing Services. We cover the entire North Shore region for lawn mowing and general garden services. We’ve been in service for four strong and successful years and look forward to expanding our business.



North Shore Lawn Mowing

Since we first started we’ve built a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Offering services for Residential, strata and commercial services. We always go that little extra, ensuring you have the best looking garden on the block.


Our services are highly quality, and comprehensive, we love good looking lawn and Lawn Mowing is something we love. We ensure that your lawn and garden will be maintained at the highest level of quality. Our team members ensure customer satisfaction is priority number 1. Addressing your lawn mowing needs at every step of the way. Through years of work we carry a wealth of experience and expertise. We possess quality Lawn Mowing tools and a unique set of skills. Call on North Shore Lawn Mowing for any of your needs. 

We offer lawn mowing services through contracts will make it easier for you to manage your lawns, especially if you possess multiple properties. We offer same or next day quotes, and will efficiently book you in to have your property serviced.


When it comes to servicing your lawn, it will depend on a variety of factors. The North Shore is generally more expensive than other areas in Sydney, as well as the size of the plot of land, how difficult the job will be, if it needs especially services. Or if it requires extra man power. 


We’re Experts at all things lawns


Since the main areas we service are the North Shore and the Northern Beaches you can be sure we provide swift and efficient response time. We nearly can always provide a same day quote, and if not. A next day quote. Efficiency and value is something we highly value in ourselves, and something our customers highly value from our services. Our speed and attention to detail is the core reasons why we retain so many lawn mowing jobs throughout the North Shore. 


If you’re simply curious about our business, or considering your lawn being mowed or Gardening services. Fill out the qnuirely form or shoot us a message. Generally the North shore has dry and warm weather. This can cause many laws to dry up and may even turn a faded yellow colour. Losing its natural, lush green colour. We ensure your lawn will turn back to a beautiful piece of greenery. We grew up in the North Shore and understand the services that people expect.

North Shore Gardeners can offer other services than knowing, take a look!


If you have a rental property or are looking to sell. Having a well maintained lawn is highly important. One of the most important things when selling a property is to have a well maintained Garden. The lawn and garden creates the first impression and for a lot of people, the garden is a reflection of the quality of the Home. 

As a business owner, making your business look aesthetic and professional is highly important, a professional feel will make people feel comfortable when they consider your services. The first thing people see will be your Garden at the front and your lawn. Creating that first impression is always a good sign.


Top Quality Gardening in North Sydney


We also offer large area, and acreage lawn mowing in the North Shore. We have sit down mowers that can mow huge areas at a time. Sit down mowers are expensive and cumbersome. Having a professional come every two weeks is your best bet to a good looking and aesthetic lawn. While spending little. The best bang for your buck that you can get. 

We also provide mulch mowing, where the mowed grass is left on the lawn, to sink back into earth providing important nutrients and increasing the health of your Lawn. Mulch Mowing also can prevent evaporation of the soil in the summer months in the North Shore.


The look of your home can be the talk of the town if your grass is greatly maintained. Neatly mowed lawns are eye catching and can always grab another person’s attention. We use an array of pesticides and natural concoctions to increase the vitality and lush look of your Lawn. Your Lawn is really the entrance to your home, keeping it full of vitality and green beauty is important to your homes overall aesthetic. 

Our expert team of Gardeners who work throughout the North Shore, ensure that your Lawn is looking the best it possibly can be. Our gardeners specialise in Lawn mowing and Lawn care. They’re all expertly trained to provide the best quality service for your lawn. Something else our business and employees are staunch believers in is customer service.


We ensure our customer service is the best in the North Shore. We understand that high customer retention not only comes from expert Lawn Mowing, but also our friendliness, ability to go the extra mile and tips and tricks we’re happy to provide.


Quality Gardening Services


Lawn Mowing is a simple activity and just about anyone can do it if they possess a Lawn Mower. While it is simple, many people throughout the North Shore have little time for all their lawn and gardening activities. You save money by saving yourself time, and having someone else cut your Lawn. Not to mention it’s a person who will generally do a better job at Lawn Mowing so you can focus on things that are more important to you in your life.

In the summer heat, lawn mowing on a saturday is something few people want to be doing, ideally working on more important things, or spending time with the family is ideal. That’s why hiring a gardener to save you time so you can focus on the things that are important to you. 

We love our customers, never worry about anything when they hire us. All their needs are taken when it comes to lawn care and services. They can focus on whatever they want, and save their precious time. We want you to have the same feeling of a great looking lawn without the headache.


Our Services

Contract mowing

Garden maintenance is a top quality services provided throughout Sydney.

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance is a top quality services provided throughout Sydney.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters are the worst and aren’t easy to maintain. Call us to help out.

Rubbish Removal

We can remove and recycle any forms of rubbish or waste you provide.

Lawn Mowing

Sydney lawn mowing is a top of the range high quality service

Tree Lopping

We love everything trees, safety and efficiencey is priority.


Nothing better than a good contract. Stay organised with us.


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