How much does lawn mowing cost In Sydney

Stepped out of your door, and the sight of your lawn didn’t give you that proud feeling you always get? An immaculate and lush green lawn might just be a mow away. However, while it is something almost everyone wants, not many can take out the time and effort it requires to make a lawn look like a piece of paradise.

The days of sweating yourself away while trying to trim the grass blades under the sun are history. Hiring lawn mowing in Sydney will not only free up a great deal of your time, but it will also give your green a professional touch that can’t be matched.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Lawn Service

Various factors will determine the amount of money you will have to pay to get your lawn in good shape.

1.Type of lawn: A large plain field may take far less time and effort to mow than smaller lawns that have a lot of plantings all around. If a lawn is hard to access or is sloping, it can make it difficult to mow; this can notch the rate up. A hand mower will substitute a riding mower for smaller spaces, increasing the lawn mowing rates per hour.

2.Size of lawn: This one might be the most obvious. The bigger your lawn, the more time it will take to mow it, and hence, the more it will cost. In case you have a lawn as big as an acre or more, the price you’ll be charged will be a bit higher. Despite using the high-tech riding mowers of today, it takes more time to trim large stretches.

3.The Size of Your Grass: If you’re thinking that mowing a patch of lawn that is well-kept already and mowing a lawn that has been growing wildly for months will cost the same, think again. If your lawn grass has grown very tall for some reason, you should expect the prices to grow tall too.

4.Time of year: A fundamental rule of economics: higher the demand, higher the prices. If you order mowing services during the peak mowing season, you might need to pay higher rates. Cheaper lawn mowing services and special discounts may only be available when demand is the lowest during the winter months.

5.Insured companies: If you are choosing an insured company, be ready to pay a higher rate. However, you should also know that an insured service provider is more likely to do a job that both you and the mowing service are proud of. 

6.Added costs: A lot of services include the cost of tidying up after mowing. They will blow or sweep the clippings from the sidewalk and the driveway. Edging may also be included, particularly if you’ve signed a contract. It’s a good practice to ask what is included when you are getting quotes.

General Lawn Pricing in Sydney

Sydney is the most costly city of all, so expect the average lawn mowing rates to be higher than that of the rest of Australia. The average reported cost of lawn mowing services in Sydney is $55 per hour. While $55 is the average, the cost can go up to $75/hour in the peak season to as low as $25/ hour in the winters. Because there is a significant variation in the costs, it is recommended that you make your choice after giving it a good thought.

When it comes to the size of grass, the hourly rate for trimming a lawn with small grass can range from $40-60. Large grass for $60-80 and mowing very large grass can go up to $80-100. These are all the ranges you should keep in mind while trying to estimate what it will cost you to get your lawn mowed. In case you don’t want to do the math, you should know that an average lawn mowing job in Sydney for an average lawn may cost you around $85.

How Much Will regular Lawn Maintenance Cost Me?

The average $55/hour rate applies when you hire a mowing service only once. When you hire a mowing service for consistent lawn maintenance, the hourly rate may drop to as low as $45-40. When you’re using a lawn mowing service in the peak summer months, you will need to get your lawn mowed every two weeks to keep it maintained, which indicates that your monthly lawn care will cost you $80 to $120.

On the other hand, grass doesn’t overgrow in the winters. The mowing frequency can be reduced to every four or five weeks, which means you’re paying approximately $40 to $60 every month for consistent lawn care.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Lawn Mowing Business

  • It is always better to know the practicalities before you dive into anything. For the case of lawn mowing, there are a few questions you should have in mind to ask the service provider.
  •  In case you get a good flat rate, ask if you need to sign a contract with the mowing service to get that rate. If so, what will be the duration of that agreement?
  • Ask about how the clippings will be dealt with. Will they take them as they leave, or will they come afterward to rake up? Do they take them away, or should you expect them in your bin?
  • Who will be moving obstacles out of the way? For example, there may be trampolines, dog cages, or other obstacles in your lawn. Will this mean a higher lawn mowing cost?
  • Inquire about what the company charges for other services. You would want to know what they charge for pesticide application, fertilizing, or aerating the soil.
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