Tools for beginner gardeners

If you are a new gardener from Sydney, you will likely go overboard buying tools. This will not only cost you a lot of money but also take a lot of your free space. So, it is very important to know the basics while trying to get into gardening in Sydney. You don’t want to fill up your shed with useless tools.

Buying tools of high quality suitable for your garden is an intelligent choice. If you will buy a lot of tools then Garden maintenance in Sydney might be an issue for you. So, you must ensure to get the best out of your investment if you are planning to buy your tools for your garden in Sydney. This article will guide you through the whole process and help you buy the tools which are best for your garden.


Shorthanded tools

It is essential to select the right tool for the right job otherwise it will always be stressful for you. Purchasing tools for new gardeners in Sydney can be very addictive sometimes and they want all kinds of tools in their shed. In this scenario, you should be careful and if you are a beginner you must go for the shorthanded tools in the start.

These tools are small, compact and portable – allowing you to carry them with you all the time in your small gardening bag. Shorthanded tools are must, if you own a small garden in Sydney. You should also consider the weight of these tools because carrying heavy tools with you all the time becomes very difficult at times.


Following is the list of some of the most basic shorthanded tools that you must buy if you are living in Sydney.

  • Hand pruner – Best for pruning and cutting leaves and branches
  • Hand rake – This tool is best for removing weeds and smoothing the soil of your garden
  • Garden scissors – Sharp blades of garden scissors allow you to prune leaves
  • Weeder – If you have a lot of weeds in your garden then Weeder is your best friend.


Long-handled tools

Working in a garden requires different kinds of tools for different jobs but long-handled tools are suitable for most of your work. These tools have a large wooden or metal handle to provide a good grip and better cutting. Due to their large handles, these tools provide you with a sense of strength and durability.

Following are some of the long-handed tools which you must buy if you love gardening:


  • Bow rake – A long-handled tool used to even out and level the landscape of your garden with ease
  • Digging bar – A very helpful tool to remove the roots of trees
  • Digging fork – If you want to lift and turn the soil then digging fork is your best option
  • Pruner – A long-handled pruner helps you cut the branches of heavy and big trees

Round-headed shovel – A typical shovel to dig the ground of your garden



Spades is another type of short-handed tool which works great in small gardens. The function of spades is to help you in digging holes for planting trees or flowers. They also help you move and lift small amounts of dirt from one place to another. Following are the different types and variations in spades:

  • Spades can come with hardwood handles that are sturdier and more durable
  • Spades can be both short or long-handed depending on the type of work required
  • They also come with heads that are made from stainless steel, this will prevent the tool from rusting

Garden gloves

Gardening is a wonderful hobby but it can quickly damage the skin of your hands if you don’t wear the right gardening gloves. The gloves you are planning to buy for home gardening must not be heavy or bulky. They should be durable and light in weight. Always make sure to buy a pair of gloves that best fit your hands. A pair of gloves with poor fitting can result in blisters. The fabric of the gloves must be resistant to water because you have to work in mud and water all the time. In the end, make sure to buy a comfortable pair of gardening gloves for healthy gardening.


It is very easy to go overboard when you are thinking of buying new tools for your home garden in Sydney. This is because buying tools is very addictive. This can cost you a lot of money, but if you want the best tools for your garden while saving money and space then this guide is going to help you in making that decision.

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