Tips for maintaing a healthy garden in Sydney

Sydney is arguably the Jewel of Australia, it’s warm summers and mild winters makes it ideal for any gardener. Sydney’s warm weather means outdoor living is a huge part of our lifestyles. Most people enjoy a large outdoor area for entertaining guests and also a peaceful place to spend time and relax. A garden is ideal for this and you can add something like an outdoor patio to improve the space. One of the best ways to improve your outdoor area is having a garden you aren’t afraid to talk about. In this article we’ll give you some of the best tips to maintaining your garden in Sydney’s climate. 

Healthy soil is key in Sydney

Without healthy soil, all the plants in your garden will struggle to grow or even get out of the ground. Sydney’s harsh summers can dry up the earth, pulling from it essential nutrients and moisture that helps plant life grow. Your first step to a successful garden is maintaining healthy soil, without it everything will be greatly hindered and you can always hire sydney gardeners to keep it all healthy.

Create a compost

Composting is the cheapest and easiest way to improve your garden’s soil quality, instead of throwing the natural waste you produce in the bin, you’re going to want to store it in a large container. Over time food waste such as fruit, vegetables or paper will break down and turn into rich nutrients, perfect for your garde. You should aim for one inch on top of your soil every two months, especially around the base of your plants. This will firstly improve the quality of your soil and secondly add new and rich nutrients to plants that are already growing in your garden. 

Crop rotation

Rotating plants and vegetables in your garden will break any build ups of pests or diseases that are so slowly occurring. Growing the same vegetables for example means many nasty things will become accustomed to that location and begin to build up. When you rotate your crops and change up the growing areas it breaks the life cycle of any diseases or pests that are causing your garden problems. Especially in the summer months, when disease and pests can cause huge problems in Sydney, crop rotation is essential. Try to split your garden into multiple sections which you rotate every year, for example root crops, leafy greens, mumkins and Cruciferous veggies. 

Creating organic liquid fertilizers

Fertilizers are especially important for keeping your garden topped up with the essential nutrients and vitamins it requires. Fertilizers are a simple and easy way to continue this and what’s best is you can even create them from home. For this article we’ll show you a variety of ways to create your own organic fertilizers which saves you money and the environment. 

Liquid seaweed fertilizer

Since we’re all located in Sydney the ocean is in front of us and will be useful in adding the most essential nutrients to our gardens. Collect enough seaweed to fill a large bucket quarter full. Fill the rest of the bucket full of tap water and give it a good mix before putting on the lid. Let this mixture sit for around two months, after the two months drain the remaining seaweed and what you’re left with is a nutrient rich liquid fertilizer. Pour the mix over your vegetables and plants to give them a kick in the right direction.

Liquid green waste fertilizer

If you have a weed problem or your home produces a lot of fruit and vegetable waste. You can use these waste products to create a liquid green fertilizer. Get another large bucket and fill it one quarter full of weeds and degradable fruit and veg. Fill up the rest of the bucket with water and let it sit for one week. After one week drain the liquid mixture and pour it around the roots of your plants as well as the garden beds. This will provide needed nutrients for trees, plants or fruit and vegetables. 

Removing garden pests in the Sydney region

Pests can be a massive problem in any garden, and it can require someone who offers professional gardening services to solve the problem insects post. Healthy soil can negate the effects insect pests have on your plants as well as regular watering and fertilizing. Some methods you can use are crushed eggs spread around the base of the plant, because the serrated edges of the shell can deter slugs and snails. Other methods by gardeners in sydney are raised garden beds, they’re a deterrent but won’t guarantee your plants won’t be chewed on entirely. 

Other methods that can be used are barriers such as nets, nets must be fastened to the ground so nothing sneaks through the bottom of the soil, or buries itself under ground and reaches the roots. Sydney is notorious for a variety of different insect pests in the summers. 

Diversify your garden with a variety of different plant and tree categories, plant specific pests can thrive when a garden isn’t properly diversified and it can be devastating for what’s growing. Breaking an insect’s style by rotating what you grow every year is another way is another way to keep pests numbers low. 

Maintaining a healthy lawn

The harsh heat that comes with Sydney’s summers means maintaining a lush green lawn isn’t always easy. Try not to shave your lawn to short in the summer as this can cause it to go golden brown and dry up. 

Keeping it long in the heat will mean it has a better chance of staying strong and healthy. Using the pee from a worm farm or liquid fertilizers are another ideal method to maintain healthy soil. Keep weeds trimmed or use a weed killer as an abundance of weeds can steal much needed nutrients for the grassroots. No matter the state of your garden, it’s never too complicated to have your home an eye catcher on your street. If you haven’t already contacted us here for all your garden services and needs.

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